Coevál Studio is one best design teams in Dallas today. Focused, always available. Bottom line: results. Final note: They Listen.

— Tim McEneny, CEO of NL GROUP

"Starting in 1971, I have concepted, built, designed, opened, closed, expanded, branded, soloed, operated, owned, partnered over 300 restaurants in 25 states and foreign countries. I discovered Coevál Studio 3 years ago. Have I known a firm such as Coevál in 1971, I would be a lot further down the right road. This firm is truly the one stop does it all."

— Gene Street Sr.

"John Paul and Miguel are the guys to go to for the whole design package. Tim, Chris, and I were very happy with their work and delivery time for our SMOKE Plano concept. They were with us through the entire development phase through the construction phase."

— Chris Zielke, Partner of SMOKE, Foundry, Bolsa

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