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About Coevál

Coevál Studio, established in 2007, is a branding, interior design, visualization, and space design firm specializing in food and beverage, retail and hospitality. We are passionate about bringing our clients’ visions and ambitions to life by creating exceptional human experiences.

We lead our clients through every step of the design process – pushing, questioning, sharing ideas, and innovating to create something of value. We are not content with the status quo, complacency, or the predictable. We strive for design that excites and inspires. It is our goal to tell every story in a way that is thoughtful, unexpected, authentic, and compelling to help build strong and successful brands and the spaces that reflect them.

From the Ground Up

We enjoy developing and designing new buildings, renovating spaces and remodeling with a fresh perspective to create energetic and meaningful settings. We believe that the creation of experiences start with the space and shape of the environment in combination with its function.

Architecture & Space Design Services:
         · Building Design and Renovations
         · Concept / Schematic Design
         · Space Planning and Layout
         · Programming
         · Design Development
         · Property Development Planning
         · Construction Documentation
         · Coordination with Consultants

Concept Driven

We take a concept-driven design approach to interiors, with every element in a space, from finishes and artwork to furniture and lighting, developed in relation to a core narrative. This enables us to create spaces that connect with people and that are experienced as cohesive on every level. Our relationships with custom furniture, millwork, and lighting fabricators and artisans allow the creation of original and customized pieces that reflect the unique personality of each space. With a meticulous attention to detail, we take excitement in creating fresh, forward-looking spaces for our clients that communicate a story and evoke the senses.

Interior Design Services:
         · Mood Boards
         · Finish Boards
         · FF&E Specifications Package
         · Finish, Lighting, Furniture, and Specialty Plumbing Schedules
         · Art Selection
         · Custom Furniture Design
         · Custom Millwork Design
         · Custom Lighting Design
         · Custom Art Installations and Murals

Telling Your Story

Branding has the ability to instantly resonate a connection of an idea to people and places. Coeval’s branding division focuses on creating strong and distinct identities for our clients. Our process goes beyond just the creation of a logo- we tell our clients’ stories through researching, concepting, and developing their visual identities. Our designers implement the brand thoughtfully and strategically throughout physical and virtual platforms, from menus to staff uniforms to signage to web.

Branding & Graphic Design Services:
         · Identity Development
         · Logo Design
         · Brand Naming
         · Slogan and Tag Line Development
         · Identity Placement
         · Collateral Design
         · Custom Illustration
         · Packaging Design
         · Uniform and Apparel Design
         · Web Design
         · Signage Design
         · Landlord Pitch Book Design
         · Ongoing Collateral Development


An image can be used a powerful tool for communicating an idea. Coeval Studio’s architectural visualization division focuses on producing high quality 3D interior and exterior architectural renderings that bring future designs to life. Combining art with the latest software and techniques, we are able to create photorealistic digital imagery that can be used as a valuable tool for visualizing and marketing a project.

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