CLIENT: Tanoshii

Tanoshii uses traditional Japanese finishes to accentuate it's gritty existing shell for an authentic ramen experience.



Location: Dallas, Texas

Year: 2013

Program: 2,330sf


For this Japanese Ramen eatery, we wanted to convert a gritty, warehouse environment into a grounded, textural hand-crafted space reminiscent of a hole in the wall Japanese restaurant. We looked to materials that would both enhance and contrast the existing shell as well as furniture and fixtures that gave the space a more contemporary lift. We wanted to encapsulate the traditional Japanese design style and harmoniously retrofit it within our raw bare shell.


Tanoshii’s interior space is comprised of exposed brick walls and raw stained concrete floors. A concrete plaster demising wall is covered in traditional hand painted fabric signage while the opposite brick wall is layered with weathered wallpaper in traditional Japanese illustrations. Custom Wood worked ceiling structures form intimate ceiling canopies and art installations. Custom Japanese-modern chairs are mixed with rustic and tree trunk sculpted bar dining seats. Combined with modern elements and pops of color at unexpected areas, Tanoshii offers a glimpse into an authentic Japanese restaurant environment all within it’s Deep Ellum store walls.

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