Innovative menus: carefully crafted, client catered and audience targeted.

An in-house culinary team provides menu building and costing. From initial idea, through final execution, we bring together all aspects of a successful menu and ensure cohesion with restaurant concept, brand and client vision.

Culinary Services

Detailed recipes, including production and plate builds are provided. Conversions, procedures, tool listing, shelf life, storage and plate-ups are carefully crafted and included for a full scope design.

Individual ingredient purveyors are provided for the client. A range of sources and connections are given in effort to build plates that are appropriate in pricing, quality and uniqueness to concept needs.

Tastings are provided in effort to develop the menu and carefully craft individual menu items to the client’s desired specifications.

A detailed collection of menu items are provided in digital and hard copy formats including approved formatted recipes, prep-lists, order guides and plate-ups.

Plating and presentation of all food and beverages across the menu are detailed with ensuring individual and general cohesion. Hi resolution pictures are provided for training and marketing collateral.

In person coaching is provided with emphasis on technique that is catered to each individual skill level with respect to individual recipes and standards established per your concept.

Chef assessment and line, equipment and tool setup recommendation is provided in accordance with food safety laws and with respect to overall in-store efficiency.

Culinary Services

Culinary Process

Discovery is the initial step in laying the foundation of your menu through careful crafting of your brand, culture and vision. In this part of the process, we work as a team to establish targets, ideas, conceptual goals and overall vision.

Using the direction gathered in the discovery process, dishes are then conceptualized and a draft menu is created.

The draft menu is similar to the ‘concept car’ idea. These dishes ultimately may or may not make the cut, but this step of the process helps to put the menu into motion and steers the direction of the final menu.

In most cases the final dishes are an evolved interpretation of recipes on the initial menu draft.

During recipe development, ideas are bounced between client and team members, which leads to development of individual components and ingredients in each dish. This segways into recipe writing.

A key part of development includes the simultaneous sourcing and pricing of products and ingredients from an established catalog of reputable purveyors. Through this approach we aim to create a healthy menu with a carefully curated balance of cost and product quality.

After development through careful revisions, the initial draft is updated and a tasting with the client is scheduled. The number of tastings will vary based on the scale of project.

This is the ‘full dress-rehearsal’ portion of the process. Dishes are fully plated and presented as close as possible to what we hope will be the final ‘standard’ for that specific recipe and your menu as a whole. Through this, you become fully immersed in the culinary representation of your brand while providing experience and knowledge on your product prior to opening.

Once menu, recipes, specifications and plate building are complete, we will move into hands on training and mock service with front of house, opening staff and kitchen managers. This will ensure proper training and allow for any specific questions by staff to be answered by the client and our team.

Close communication with ownership and management will continue after restaurant opening. Any questions your team may have will be answered and once the menu is settled, if any adjustments need to be made will be done accordingly. We will monitor individual dish performance and allow for further tightening of menu summary costing to ensure concept is at reaches success potential.

Culinary Process